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Aerial photo of Red Valley United Methodist Church.

Servant Leaders

Vickie Miller
Vickie Miller

Church Treasurer

Photo of Connie Dudley
Connie Dudley

Lay Leader

Photo of Beth Hathaway
Beth Hathaway

Council Chair

Photo of Mark Hathaway
Mark Hathaway

Mission Chair

Photo of Adonna Lemon
Adonna Lemon

Finance Secretary and Pianist

Photo of Linda Perdue
Linda Perdue

Hospitality Chair and UMW Representative

Photo of Kellie Powell
Kellie Powell

Education Chair

Photo of Melanie Wheeler
Melanie Wheeler

Finance Chair

Photo of Pastor Jae Song
Pastor Jae Song

Pastor Jae Song sees himself as a storyteller. He loves to hear and collect stories. They may be from his own personal life, the Bible, or your stories. Jae then reflects upon those stories under the Holy Light in order to recognize God, who is taking the disconnected elements of our lives and pulling them together into a coherent story that means something. Now the little story we call our life is given cosmic, eternal significance as it is caught up within God's larger account of history. Jae would love to meet you and hear your stories to find God’s touch in your life with you. Pastor Jae has served at Red Valley since 2017. He is a graduate of Seoul National University in Korea and Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Jae and his wife Star have three children: Amy, Joey, and Jeffrey.

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